Make your meeting a green event

Benefits to Great Lakes Green Events participants

  • Establish your event or organization as a leader in environmental sustainability
  • Market your meeting as a Great Lakes Green Event
  • Support local communities and protect the environment
  • Earn positive public recognition for your environmental leadership

Great Lakes Green Events is a new initiative aimed at encouraging destination stewardship and environmentally beneficial practices for conferences and other events in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region. Through Great Lakes Green Events, event organizers commit to promoting and implementing environmentally sustainable practices. Green Events create a positive footprint by supporting tree planting projects that benefit local communities and the entire region for years to come. 

Green Event organizers commit to making a financial contribution to the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Trees Initiative. The Trees Initiative aims to plant 250 million trees across the region by 2033. Participants in Great Lakes Green Events will help achieve these goals. Financial contributions from events will support regional tree planting including on-the-ground partners planting trees in local communities. Commit to hosting a Green Event today!

if you want to host a Green Event or for more information, please click here:

Did you know trees absorb stormwater, help reduce flooding, provide wildlife habitat, and improve public health while protecting streams and lakes?

How to make your meeting a Great Lakes Green Event

  • Implement sustainable practices
  • Make a financial contribution to the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Trees Initiative.
    • Oak: US$10,000 (1000 or more attendees)
    • Maple: US$5,000 (fewer than 1000)
    • Birch: US$2,500 (250 or fewer)
    • Aspen: US$1,000 (100 or fewer)
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